When your life is hanging by a thread of generosity.

Our friend Sevrien is dying. The cancer has decided to resist even more than her. Please help us to help her and allow her to try the last chance treatment. There are one or maybe two possibilities left. But whatever the solution that will be defined she will need at least 200.000€ as soon as possible and maybe more. It is urgent and it is time to find funds. Every waiting day is a lost day. We are counting on you. Read, contribute and share. Please.

We all have great people in our surroundings. In these, there is always the girl or guy loved by everyone. That incredible person who gives off a magical, positive energy that brings people together. So when that person is struck by illness, the feeling of injustice is even more unbearable and difficult to take. Obviously, no one deserves to go through such an ordeal.

For us, this exceptional person is our friend and colleague Sevrien. She is a 37 year old, kind, sincere, generous, funny and loving woman who is always available to listen to the little misfortunes of others. A great jobcoach who has been helping job seekers find a job for years, with the same enthusiasm and almost devotion. But more than that, Sevrien is also Emy’s mom, a 3 year old girl and the partner of Boris, a man who has been fighting by her side on a daily basis for months. Months of heavy and difficult treatments with ups and downs, a lot of courage, but never resignation. When, while everyone expects an encouraging verdict, the news is terribly dramatic, it is intolerable, unacceptable… And yet, if you had seen her a few days ago, she seemed to be in good shape, always ready to fight with the same determination. You can’t help but hear this phrase echoing « it’s really unfair ». Yes, it is, it’s obvious. She, who has spent so many years helping others. Why? You feel like crying, you are angry against the whole world and you are tempted to give up. And then, it is Sevrien who, once again, gives us this lesson of life. It is she, who gives us hope and puts us back in the saddle to support her in her fight. But here, the doctors resign themselves and give a hope of survival of one year maximum. And, they rely on therapies practiced abroad.

If the disease is unfair, so are the options for treatment. The treatments that exist and that offer the possibility of gaining time on the disease are unaffordable for a couple whose income is the health insurance. This same social security that has just informed you that you now have the status of disabled while your man has that of assisting spouse. And, fortunately, he is there to take care of Emy and the everything else when the heavy treatments prevent Sevrien from standing.

So we ask ourselves what can be done and that’s when the idea of a fundraiser comes up. And why not? Miracles do happen. Generosity, the desire to help because after all, Sevrien could just as easily be your wife, your sister, your best friend, your child, the person for whom you would do anything. That incredible person you refuse to give up on, to see go, to let go. You can’t imagine that she won’t be around in a year, maybe less. From the beginning, you’ve been telling her to fight, assuring her that you’ll always be there and that she can count on you. So we’re going to try everything.

We all have coins lying around in a pocket, a bag, a jacket and we leave them there. What if you turned those coins into hope? Yes, yes, it is possible. You can support Sevrien with us and give her access to the treatments that could stabilize the disease. A chance for Sevrien to see her little Emy grow. And for Emy, the hope to grow surrounded with the love of both her parents. For Boris, it is the chance to continue to be supported by his incredible love, which he supports without failure. It will take more than just small coins to raise this kind of money. But if everyone who reads this message does what they can, they will give hope and a chance for Sevrien to see her daughter grow.

There are many, too many Sevrien. But why should their lives be conditioned by money? This is another battle, the one she has been fighting for since cancer became part of her daily life. If she is given time, Sevrien will be a spokesperson for it.

With all these pieces lying around make something incredible. As we all know, small streams make big rivers. If you have the opportunity to give more, that’s wonderful, but every donation will be incredible and appreciated. And we know that miracles are possible because generosity is part of each of us. Each donation will be like hope, the hope that allows us not to give up.  You can contribute by sending your donations via gofundme. Don’t forget to write messages of hope in the communication box. It is vital for Sevrien, Emy and Boris. But above all, share this message again and again. And if you have any ideas to raise funds, contact us: givesomepink@outlook.com.

Thank you to each of you! Together, we can defy the unacceptable.